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Nov 23, 2020

If you’re a big fan of Marie Forleo, who is arguably one of the most successful business coaches and course creators in the world, then you’ve probably heard that she is not going to be working with affiliate partners next year to sell B-School.

If you aren’t familiar with Marie, this is a pretty big deal. Mainly because she is the QUEEN of affiliate launches. So much so that she built her entire business model around doing one GIGANTIC affiliate launch every year and made millions of dollars as a result of it. But she’s not the only big name moving away from affiliate launches.

So why the sudden change of heart around affiliate marketing?

That’s exactly what we discuss in this week’s episode.

  • How affiliate marketing got to be so popular over the past 7-8 years

  • Why I’ve been telling our clients for the last 5 years to move away from affiliate launches

  • When it still makes sense to use affiliate marketing as a sales strategy

  • Why it’s hard to build a profitable business that solely relies on affiliate marketing

  • What you should do instead of affiliate marketing