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Nov 30, 2020

Can you freaking believe it’s December already?

December and January are when things really pick up for us at Evolved Finance. Between submitting 1099s and sending bookkeeping files over to our clients’ accountants, it’s definitely the busiest time of year for us.

It’s also the time of year where a lot of entrepreneurs start to panic about their bookkeeping and taxes. That’s why the timing was so perfect for this month’s guest. Her name is Keila Hill-Trawick and she is the owner of Little Fish Accounting.

Our conversation is the kick in the pants many online business owners will need to start taking their tax situation more seriously, so you will not want to miss it.

In this episode, Keila and I discuss:

  • Why you shouldn’t attempt to file your own tax return

  • Why so many online businesses struggle to find a good accountant

  • The role a good accountant plays in your business

  • Why your accountant’s operations and systems are so important for getting a quality experience as a client

  • What you should be looking for when hiring an accountant for your own business

To learn more about Keila, visit You can also follow her on Instagram at