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Oct 19, 2021

We’re revisiting some of our most popular and helpful podcasts from the last year. For this week, we are replaying episode 87.

Over the last couple years, the books “Rocket Fuel” and “Traction” have become popular reads for online entrepreneurs.

Both Corey and I loved “Traction” and incorporated several of the principles from the books into our own business.

From these books, the roles of the “visionary” and the “integrator” have become extremely popular concepts.

Naturally, every business owner looks at themselves as the visionary and then hopes to one day higher a high-level integrator to support and manage the daily operations of the business.

The problem is that many of the online business owners I’ve talked to over the course of my 6 year career in the online space fully embrace their role s as the visionary CEO they want to be.

That’s why in this episode, we discuss:

  • Why being the visionary means taking full responsibility for all aspects of your business
  • Why many entrepreneurs are looking for a boss instead of becoming the boss themselves
  • How coaching can be a crutch holding you back from progressing
  • How outsourcing too many tasks too soon can be detrimental to your business’s operations
  • How a lack of vision can make your business less profitable and less efficient to operate