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Nov 18, 2019

Bookkeepers for entrepreneurs are a lot like mechanics for people that don’t know anything about cars. 

As a car owner, you trust that your mechanic is doing the work they say they’re doing because you don’t really have an easy way to double-check it.

Bookkeeping is ultimately pretty similar. Your bookkeeper tells you they’ve done the work each month, but you don’t know if it’s been done properly or if they’re even working on the right things at all. 

In our experience, the work we see other bookkeepers do is usually pretty disappointing. It’s not until the client works with us that they realize how little value they were getting from their previous bookkeeper’s efforts. 

That’s why in this episode, we discuss:

  • The common issues business owners have with their bookkeepers

  • The most important things your bookkeeper should be doing for your business

  • Why the old idea of what a bookkeeper should be doing for your business has changed (and for the better!)

  • Why we reconcile on a monthly basis and what that means for you

  • Why our bookkeeping service at Evolved Finance  is significantly different from our competition’s

  • How we format profit and loss statements to help you run your business