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Dec 9, 2019

I’m getting down to brass tacks this week.

We’re already into December, which means a new year is around the corner. And with the end of the old year, tax season is just around the corner. As we step into 2020, NOW is the time to start prepping for your 2019 taxes.

For this episode, I wanted to urge everyone listening to take action on their tax prep NOW:

  • Why you should be reaching out to your current accountant NOW

  • Why you need to get your books in order NOW

  • Why you need to find a new accountant NOW if you don’t have one

  • Why you won’t get the time and attention you need from your accountant if you don’t set up a meeting NOW

  • Why you need to get the right financial professionals in your business NOW

Notice the key word here? If you missed it, it’s NOW! That’s because getting started NOW will save you so many headaches in 2020. Start your new year off right by closing the books on the old one NOW.