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May 4, 2020

I genuinely believe that the first step to addressing any negative feelings you have about money as a business owner is to look at your financial situation head-on. Without looking at data and hearing feedback, you will never have a real understanding of your actual financial situation.

That being said, I cannot deny the fact that despite all we do for our clients to make them feel financially empowered, there is a psychological and emotional component to how they relate to money that can stop them from making progress with their finances and their businesses.

That’s why I was so excited to talk with Wei Houng, money mindset expert and founder of The Six Figure Academy. 

During our discussion, Wei shared:

  • How his early family life set the stage for his relationship with money in a negative way and how he overcame those negative associations

  • How defining moments in our lives create our relationship with money

  • Why money is more taboo than sex

  • How a poor money mindset can sabotage your business and your personal finances

  • Why cultural and societal pressures can affect the way you manage your money

  • The big difference between “needing” something and “wanting” something

To learn more about Wei and how he helps people to overcome their money mindset barriers, go to