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Jun 29, 2020

There are a lot of great business educators out there helping entrepreneurs to master the different aspects of their businesses. In fact, many of our clients are those educators. And we know exactly how great they are at what they do because we see their numbers. 🙂

But as important as it is to lock down your Instagram strategy, hone your copywriting skills, or up-level your webinar presentations, there is still the “un-sexy” part of running your business that most business coaches just don’t talk about. 


As we talked about a couple of episodes ago, smart and efficient internal operations are what can take a business from “ok” profitability to outrageous profitability.

That’s because as a business grows, simply getting stuff done isn’t enough to keep a business healthy. Getting stuff done efficiently and strategically becomes just as important as your ability to drive revenue and make sales. 

And nobody understands this better than Natalie Gingrich, founder of The Ops Authority.

During my conversation with Natalie, we discussed:

  • The role of operations in online business

  • The difference between operations integrators and operations directors

  • Why most small online businesses only need part-time operations managers

  • When it’s time to think about hiring an operations manager

  • How your operations can dramatically affect the profitability of your online business

  • Why having a clear vision for your online business is so crucial for keeping your operations streamlined and effective

If you’d like to learn more about Natalie and her company, The Ops Authority, please visit You can also check out her podcast at