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The Bottom Line by Evolved Finance

Sep 30, 2019

In last week’s episode, we began our discussion around what it takes to invest in the long-term success of an online business. In today’s episode, we dive deeper into the strategies and actions we’ve seen our clients embrace to build businesses that will be thriving years from now.

Models have changed from even a...

Sep 23, 2019

Running a business online is still a relatively new frontier. It feels like only 10-15 years ago, people were still uncomfortable typing in their credit card info to buy a used book on Amazon.

Consumers have come a long way when it comes to being comfortable doing business online, but we still see many entrepreneurs...

Sep 16, 2019

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is one of the most important leadership positions in an organization. But are they really necessary for most online businesses?

A CFO, with the help of their finance team, is ultimately responsible for tracking, organizing, reporting, and analyzing all the financial data in a company. A...

Sep 9, 2019

The decision to go into business with another person is a HUGE one. Mainly because there is so much you must consider when it comes to bringing on a business partner.

When I hear other entrepreneurs talk about business partners, they usually recommend staying solo–and to be honest, I don’t blame them. Being a...

Sep 2, 2019

For most business owners, finance might as well be a four-letter word. It can definitely be scary to get a handle on your numbers—after all, what you don’t know can’t hurt you.

The problem is that running your business without knowing what’s going on financially is a little like driving a car with cardboard...