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May 25, 2021

A big part of what we are trying to do at Evolved Finance is to help our clients create wealth through their online businesses.

That might be weird to hear from a bookkeeping firm, but the monthly financial reports we deliver to our clients are to help them make sure they are building businesses that are healthy...

May 21, 2021

I don’t think you can have a business strategy conversation without using the word “grow.”

Grow your revenue, grow your customers, grow your team. Grow, grow, grow!!!

Obviously, growth is a great thing for a business, but is possible to have too much growth too quickly?

I think so.

That’s why for this episode,...

May 11, 2021

As you see the revenue in your online business grow, it’s inevitable that your expenses will grow with them.

Of course, we want the expenses to be growing at a slower rate than the revenue, but even our most profitable clients can have thousands of dollars a month in expenses.

If we looked across all of our clients’...

May 3, 2021

My first experience with social media was MySpace.

I was a musician in a rock band during the peak of MySpace’s popularity, so we were ALL about getting followers on our page. 

Since those days, the “in” social media platforms have changed, but the game has stayed the same regardless of if you’re a musician,...