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Dec 14, 2021

We’re revisiting some of our most popular and helpful podcasts from the last year. For this week, we are replaying episode 121.

One of the most important things any business needs to get right, and sooner rather than later, is pricing. While a lot of business coaches tell you to “price what you’re worth!”, it’s not always that straightforward.

How you price your offers needs to not only reflect the value your offer provides but the way your offer is packaged.

You also must price your offer in a way that supports the future of your business and not just the way your business is operating right now.

That’s why in today’s episode, we discuss:

  • Why it’s so crucial to get your pricing right if you want to scale
  • Why the way you price your offer can affect your ability to convert leads into sales
  • Why it’s important to solidify your offer so you can finalize what you want to charge for it
  • Why you can charge more depending on how you package your offer
  • Why you can charge more for “business to business” offers than “direct to consumer” offers
  • Why you need to do some basic forecasting and budgeting to help solidify your pricing
  • Why proper bookkeeping and financial reporting provides the feedback you need to get your pricing just right

We recently created The Financial Foundations audio course to help teach online entrepreneurs how the financial side of their businesses works in clear and easy to understand terms.

Check out episode 14 where we go into more depth about pricing your offer! Click the link below to get access to the course: