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Aug 3, 2020

Here are the top two things MOST entrepreneurs love to spend time doing:

1. Marketing

2. Creating products and offers

Here are the top two things MOST entrepreneurs hate doing:

1. Dealing with their finances

2. Documenting internal processes

We know as well as anyone how much entrepreneurs love to avoid their finances, but when our clients start working with us, they realize they can actually feel empowered when it comes to their money.

It turns out Dean Soto from Pro Sulum has the same experience with his clients but with process documentation.

I invited Dean onto the podcast because I had never heard of a virtual assistant agency that only focuses on helping business owners to create SOPs (standard operating procedures). It’s a truly genius idea for a service because SOPs are ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL for creating a scalable and sustainable business.

So for this episode, I talked with Dean about:

  • How he created his businesses

  • Why he focused on SOP creation as a service

  • Why SOPs are so important for all business types

  • How SOPs take pressure off of you as the business owner to hold everything together

  • How SOPs can turn your entire team into rock stars

  • Why you need SOPs if you ever hope to sell your business

  • Outsourcing your SOP documentation versus doing it internally

  • How documenting our processes at Evolved Finance has helped us to grow our agency