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Oct 26, 2021

We’re revisiting some of our most popular and helpful podcasts from the last year. For this week, we are replaying episode 93.

In 2019, Corey and I bit the bullet and finally invested in our first coaching program. It was $10k for 8 weeks of support. Outside of our employees, it was the biggest investment we had ever made in our business at one time.

Did we get the results we were looking for after the 8 weeks? Kinda.

Was it worth it? 100%.

Without those very intense eight weeks of analyzing and scrutinizing our business, we would not have been able to handle the last twelve months of growth we experienced. Honestly, it was a game-changing program for us.

Although my personal experience with coaching and courses has been positive, I’m still very conservative when it comes to my own continuing education. I’ve only spent $10k in 6 years, after all. On the other hand, we have a number of clients who dive much more deeply into personal and business development, spending tens of thousands of dollars every single year on courses and coaching.

That’s why in today’s episode, we discuss:

  • Can you over-invest in your continuing education?
  • Why people coming from the corporate world don’t always recognize the coaching they’ve already received
  • How do you get a return on your investment with courses and coaching?
  • When should you be taking a course versus doing a coaching program?
  • Do courses and coaching actually help your business grow?
  • How to make sure you’re not using courses as a security blanket
  • What percentage of your revenue should you be spending on continuing education?