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Mar 28, 2023

“You can't just build a system and think it's going to magically make things happen in your business… you have to actually use it.”

This week, Parker chats with Molly Mahoney about her financial journey.

Molly Mahoney (known as The Prepared Performer) is a digital growth strategist who specializes in creating...

Mar 14, 2023

“I’ve realized that I can make money and also do the things that I love.”

This week, Parker chats with Lisa Nunamaker about her financial journey.

Lisa teaches budding designers about the beautiful world of garden design and landscape graphics in a fun and simple way. She is a garden design educator, writer,...

Feb 28, 2023

“Money should not be an afterthought, it needs to be a part of the process of whatever you do.”

This week, Parker chats with Paddy Johnson about her financial journey.

Paddy is the founder of VVrkshop, a company that helps artists land the exhibitions, residencies and grants of their dreams. VVrkshop’s flagship...

Feb 14, 2023

“When you're working for somebody else you can make a lot of money but it's always finite, there's always a limit. But when you're running your own business, theoretically your earning potential is unlimited.”

This week, Parker chats with Jacques Hopkins about his financial journey.

Jacques worked as an engineer for...

Jan 31, 2023

“I would have never thought in a million years that this is what I would be doing, let alone doing it and making the amount of money that we're making.”

This week, Parker chats with Ryann and Nate Kipping about their financial journey.

Ryann founded The Prenatal Nutritionist almost four years ago. Nate is the...