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Mar 30, 2020

If you’ve listened to this podcast for a while, then you know I’m a huge proponent of getting your personal finances in order. When you’re not clear on your household expenses and long-term goals you can put undue stress and pressure on your business.

That’s why I broke away from our normal discussions around...

Mar 23, 2020

I don’t know about you, but last week shook me more than I was expecting.

The reality of COVID-19 hit the US hard, both economically and socially. We’ve never really experienced anything like this before, and I think it shocked a lot of us to see our realities change so rapidly with school closures,...

Mar 16, 2020

If you’ve been paying even just a little bit of attention to the news headlines over the last couple weeks, you’ll know that the US economy is not looking good. Between Coronavirus and a huge downturn in the US stock market, Americans are feeling a bit on edge about the immediate future.

Economists are in agreement...

Mar 9, 2020

There is so much about running an online business that you just have to figure out as you go along. 

One of those things is learning how to protect your business from a legal standpoint.

Like with finance and taxes, you can only get so far managing this aspect of your business without having to go and get a new degree....

Mar 2, 2020

Running an online business can be crazy hectic.

So much so that it often doesn’t feel like you can address all the needs of your business quickly enough. One of the first things online entrepreneurs neglect on that list of to-do items is their finances. Why?

Because if you’re generating revenue, the numbers...