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Feb 22, 2021

When it comes to being successful as an online business owner, having a solid offer that delivers results to your customers or clients is an absolute must. That’s why we regularly tell new online entrepreneurs to get clear on their offer before they start to dive too deeply into sophisticated marketing strategies.

Because even if you have a killer landing page, a high-converting webinar, and the most enticing bonuses in the world, if the offer itself doesn’t deliver on its promises you’re going to have a lot of disgruntled customers.

And that means you’ll be issuing tons of refunds and sending all those hard-earned dollars back to your customers.

That’s why for this episode, we discuss:

  • How to know if you are issuing too many refunds

  • Why your marketing strategy can greatly affect your refund rate

  • Which online business model tends to issue the fewest refunds

  • Why your customer onboarding strategy can have a big impact on your refund rate

  • How our clients that support their customers better are able to lower their refund rates

  • What most bookkeepers miss when it comes to accurately tracking your refunds on your profit and loss statement