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May 3, 2021

My first experience with social media was MySpace.

I was a musician in a rock band during the peak of MySpace’s popularity, so we were ALL about getting followers on our page. 

Since those days, the “in” social media platforms have changed, but the game has stayed the same regardless of if you’re a musician, thought leader, comedian, or video game streamer. Building a following. With the types of online businesses we work with at Evolved Finance, we call this growing an audience, a combo of people on your email list and those who follow you on social media.

So it’s safe to assume that a huge audience means a big business, right?

That’s not always been the case for our clients.

That’s why for today’s episode, we discuss:

  • Why it’s important for any online business to have an audience (even if it’s a temporary one)

  • The biggest mistake we have seen a client make with building a large audience

  • Why your business model needs to match the size of your audience

  • Why certain monetization strategies only work for people with huge followings

  • Why the quality of your leads is always more important than the quantity