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Jul 6, 2021

Running a successful business can be hard.

If you want to scale your online business to have lots of customers, a small/medium-sized team, and lots of profit, it’s going to mean pushing your comfort zone on a regular basis.

Building Evolved Finance these last 7 years with Corey and our team has been by far the most fulfilling and challenging endeavor of my life (at least so far…I have a baby boy due in September, so my opinion might change on that…ha!). One of the main reasons we’ve been able to get to where we are today is because we’ve been able to effectively manage our resources.

One thing we’ve learned is that no two resources are more important than time and money when you’re scaling a business.

So for today’s episode, we discuss:

  • Why most online business owners only worry about their time resources in the early stages of running their business
  • Why time management can create an illusion that you are addressing financial issues in your business
  • Why managing your financial resources becomes just as important as managing your time as your business grows
  • How you can strike a better balance of managing all the resources in your business