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Aug 17, 2021

We’re revisiting some of our most popular and helpful podcasts from the last year. For this week, we are replaying episode 53.

We’re in a unique position at Evolved Finance. We get to see behind the scenes of some of the most successful online businesses in the industry.

After years of serving online entrepreneurs with their bookkeeping, it’s almost inevitable that we’ve started to see patterns in not just our client’s numbers, but also in the decisions they make in their businesses.

While all our clients have reached a level of success that most aspiring entrepreneurs wish to achieve, our most successful clients seem to have some clear commonalities that separate them from the rest of the pack.

That’s why in this episode, we discuss what our most successful clients have in common with each other:

  • What they’re each able to do with their product offers
  • What makes their marketing strategies so effective
  • Why they put so much emphasis on building the right team
  • Why they invest in their personal development as leaders
  • Why they take their numbers more seriously than other entrepreneurs
  • Why they plan ahead instead of just reacting to what’s happening in their businesses in the present moment