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Dec 25, 2019

It’s been a great year for Evolved Finance. 

Our business has grown, our clients’ businesses have grown, and our podcast has grown… so much growth! As we’ve grown, one challenge that has emerged is figuring out how to hire the right people to expand our team and scale our bookkeeping business.

Doing the books for so many online businesses, we also see patterns in how our clients are approaching their own growth and what investments they’re making as they look to the future.

For this episode, I wanted to:

  • Reflect on what we’ve learned running our own business for 2019

  • The challenges of adding new people to your team

  • How Corey and I have grown as leaders in 2019

  • The trends we’ve seen with our clients’ businesses

  • What we predict 2020 will look like for online businesses as a whole