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Apr 27, 2020

509…that’s the number of online entrepreneurs who have reached out to us about our bookkeeping services. Across all of these email conversations and discovery calls, there is one big theme that keeps coming up.

These entrepreneurs feel shame, guilt, frustration, or stress over how they manage their finances. It doesn’t matter if they have been managing their books themselves or if they’ve been using a bookkeeper—they still don’t feel like they have a grip on their numbers.

Why do so many online business owners feel uncomfortable about their finances? Why is money such a vulnerability and weak point for these businesses?

In this episode, we’ll be discussing:

  • The root cause of the negative emotions entrepreneurs feel about their finances

  • Why most bookkeepers (and even accountants) aren’t able to alleviate these feelings for their online business clients

  • How you can have a more positive and productive relationship with your numbers

  • Why online businesses don’t need to overcomplicate their numbers

  • Why your finances are actually easier than you think

  • The free workshop we are offering next week that will help you establish a healthier relationship with your finances 

To attend our live workshop, use the link below to register.